DayLily Acres

About our Sale policy 

Prices start at $400 for all registered/registrable and increase based on genetic potential and performance of sire and dam. Kid prices are based on Generation, milk lines, conformation, polled & blue eyes. We do give package deals & or discount when purchasing more than 1 kid at the same time. We also offer a discount to repeat buyers.

Pet wethers (neutered males) are $150 to approved homes only. Goats are herd animals and should not be kept alone, this is not negotiable. Kids sold as pets must go in sets of two or more, single kids will only be sold to homes with other goats.

We reserve the right to retain the first choice kid from ANY breeding. We are happy to accept reservations, but please understand that we have no way to control birth number or gender. If your reservation is not filled by a particular breeding we are happy to suggest a kid we feel is of equal quality or keep your name for the next season.

There is no required fee to reserve any unborn kid.

A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to hold/reserve a born kid or an adult. Deposit must be received within 24 hours of your chosen animal or we go on down the list :)

Any reserved kid must be paid in FULL before leaving the farm. All dam raised kids must be picked up by 12 weeks for doelings or 10 weeks for bucklings, NO later unless further discussed. Adult animals must be picked up as discussed.

DayLily Acres reserves the right to cancel any reservation at any time, and a full refund would be returned to buyer. If deposit has been received, we could move it to another animal, or refund would be returned to buyer. This is also applies if the kid of your choice is not available . If buyer backs out of sale, deposit will NOT be refunded. All breedings are subject to change.

Sire is not definite until the doe has been bred.

** We do not guarantee height of your animal **

All sales are final. In the event the buyer chooses to sell a Daylily Acres goat in the future, we request first right of refusal.

 Deposits are accepted through PayPal, Venmo, check or cash ( must clear bank before animal leaves our property).

DayLily Acres test annually for CAE, and Johne's diseases and are G6S normal by parentage. We test all new animals for CL and test every other year. Buyer is responsible for any vet exams/health certificates. We guarantee our goats to be healthy upon leaving our farm .

We would love to hear about your experience and how well our animals do in your herd! Ask us about 

We do not currently put kids or adults on Transport.

Once I have deposits on kids & they are ready for pickup I don't mind holding them & taking good care of them for a few weeks as long as we have talked and have something set up, so I know what is going on, anything longer than a few weeks breeder can charge boarding of $5.00 a week until pick up, I understand Life happens but communication is key so if something arises & you need another week or two please contact me. I understand completely if purchasing more than 1 waiting to pick up together, communication is the key so we are both on the same page.

. We work hard to raise the highest quality milk goats we can, and enjoy packaging those milk genes in fun colors. we are working:

First to always improve conformation that enhances milking ease and udder capacity.

Second, to offer a fun variety of colors and patterns. We have blue eyes and moonspots in our herd, as well as polled genes. There is roaning, moon spotting, unusual colors, and also traditional solid colors.

How to Get Started Choosing a Goat

If you are interested in a kid, please START by looking at our Breeding Plan for the coming up kidding season. Take some time to review the goat parents and see what their potential kids would interest you and what they can do for your herd goals. An educated customer is our favorite kind, so get to know our lines and breeding goals!

Kids who are not already held by deposit will be listed on our Sale page.

If, after these steps, you would like to get onto our waiting list, drop us an email at [email protected] You can also find our farm page on Facebook, and message me personally: Jessie Lynn Leinheiser

We keep separate doeling and buckling lists for both ND’s and Mini Nubians. Let me know if you’re looking for particular pairings, lines, or colors/patterns.

The Purchase Process After Kids are Born

When kids are born, the first person listed with interest in the types of kids available will be contacted via email (or other preferred means) and have 24 hours to accept or decline a kid. If a kid is accepted, we will need an immediate deposit (more on this below).

If we have gone all through the Interest List and no one claims the kid(s) with a deposit, we will post pictures of kids on our For Sale page.


We disbud, vaccinate with CD&T shots, tattoo and deworm kids before they leave our farm. If you do not want your kid vaccinated or dewormed, you need to tell us when you make your deposit.

We also give kids Vitamin B complex on the day that they leave to ease stresses. You should watch any kid closely for worm issues, since transport and a change of environment are very stressful and can give rise to a worm bloom (more on this below).

Payment Policies & Purchase Contract

Once a goat leaves our farm, there are no refunds.That goat is your responsibility. We will not knowlingly let a sick goat go to your farm; we cannot, however, be responsible for travel sickness or conditions at your farm. This is why (if you are new to goats) you should do your homework on caring for new goats before you pick up.

You will be required to sign a purchase contract that clearly states that after the kid leaves our property you will hold us harmless for any injuries, illnesses, etc.

A change of environment can impact the gut of a goat, so please be vigilant about worms, keeping an eye on goat droppings and perhaps getting fecals done, after receiving your new animal.

Plan ahead to bolster his immune system by added B Vitamins and by accustoming him to new feeds or pasture very gradually.

Be aware that there can be worm blooms, so know the signs of this problem, and learn about worm prevention techniques, including the importance of doing regular fecal samples.

If you do not have one already, please do choose a vet ahead of time before bringing home your new goat!

All goats must be paid for in full before leaving our property.

You can pay for your goat via PayPal, but we add the service fee that PayPal assesses to the total price of the goat if you do.

You can pay by check as well. That check must clear before the kid leaves our property, so please make sure to send it at least a week (ten days is better) before you plan to pick up/transport your kid.

Of course, cash works just fine, too!

Other Stuff

Unless something unusual happens (dam refuses kid; dam can’t feed multiples well, etc.) we do not bottle feed kids. We dam raise them. However, we do work to accustom kids to a bottle at birth in case we later need to bottle feed—for example, for milk tests. We prefer to not let bottle babies go before 8 weeks of age, and definitely not to inexperienced goat keepers. So, most kids leave here no sooner than eight weeks old, and more usually at 12 weeks.

Goats need other goats! We will not sell kids to those who do not have, or intend to have in the immediate future, more than one goat.

New goat owners: we will be asking questions about your farm, and please, please ask us questions about goat care! There’s a lot to learn and consider when starting with goats, and we want to make sure our babies go to loving, caring, good homes! We’re not being nosy when we ask about your goat plans and facilities. We’re being caring and careful. And we want to help, so please stay in touch and use us as a resource!

About Registrations

All of our adult goats are registered; you will be responsible for transferring their registration to your name. (In both mini goat registries, this is a matter of a few dollars.)

With young kids, we will provide you with paperwork you need to register them with the appropriate registry. With adults, we will give you any relevant paperwork, including their current registrations, so that you can transfer them to your name.

If you get confused about the paperwork process, we are more than happy to help!



*We reserve the right to retain kids of our choice before releasing remaining kids to our waiting list.

We also reserve the right to refuse a sale if it is in the best interest of the animal.*

Stratton Creek Farms reserves the right to retain any animal at anytime.

Goats are herd animals and should be treated and maintained as such. No goats will be sold to single-goat owners. All prospective buyers should either already own goats or have plans to purchase multiple goats.


Stratton Creek Farms offers a free waiting list. Each prospective buyer on the list will be welcome to choose from everything available at that particular time. Once a prospective buyer has been notified, 48 hours will be allotted for a response before moving onto the next person on the waiting list. A $50, non-refundable deposit, is required per kid chosen to be paid immediately in order to hold a particular goat.


Stratton Creek Farms maintains a clean, annually-tested negative herd. All adult goats, one year of age or older, receive testing for CAE, CL & Johnes. Results are available for viewing at the farm only. Although all goats are guaranteed healthy and up to date upon pickup, we cannot guarantee their care after leaving our premises, therefore, we cannot guarantee their health past that time. All buyers are responsible for checking goats for disqualifying traits and health concerns before leaving Stratton Creek Farms.

Transport & Pickup

All buyers are responsible for pickup and shipping arrangements, including any costs associated. All dam-raised kids must be picked up by 12 weeks of age. After that time, a daily fee will accrue for care and maintenance. Bottle kids are not common at our farm but we do sell them on occasion. Bottle kids will need to be picked up ASAP. We will not hold for weeks.

Registration, Tattoo & Disbudding

All goats will be sent home with their registration papers, will be tattooed accordingly, and disbudded. If a buyer prefers for an animal to NOT be disbudded and purchased WITH horns, disbudding may be skipped with a 100% down, non-refundable total cost payment.

Thank you

While it is imperative for prospective buyers to do individual research in goat care, I will provide any requested information and care instructions. We love and care for every animal on our farm and absolutely want the best future for them as well as a healthy and easy transition into their new homes. Thank you for inquiring!

Our Mini Nubian kids are sold in order of deposit received. A $100 deposit is required to reserve a kid. The deposit holds your place on my list of people who are looking for kids. I ask that you specify some things that you are looking for in your goat and what purpose he/she will serve. If we do not have a kid of the right sex or if we don't have a MiniNubian kid available that meets your stated criteria, your money will be refunded or you can transfer your deposit to a kid from the next year (deposits are otherwise non-refundable). If we have a kid of the right gender for you that meets your criteria, you cannot choose to 'wait until next year' to get higher on the deposit list. If we have a kid of the right gender for you that meets the criteria laid out by you at time of deposit, and you choose to wait until the next year (for whatever reason) your deposit for the next year will be dated as the day you chose to wait (rather than the day you sent the original deposit). This will give buyers that are coming for the first time to have a fair chance at getting kids rather than having people wait and transfer deposits from year to year in hopes of getting '1st pick'.

Please fill out the form below or click here to email me if you are interested in reserving a Green Gables MiniNubian kid. Deposits are taken via 'regular' mail. We reserve the right to retain any kid born on our farm.

Kids can be picked up from 4-8 weeks old and must be picked up by 8 weeks old. If kid does not leave Green Gables by 8 weeks old, there is a $2/day boarding fee. At 8 weeks old, kids are still on the bottle/Lambar feeder. I recommend bottle feeding kids until they are at least 12 weeks old. This allows the new buyers to bond with the new kid and the kid with them in addition to giving the kid more nutrition.

All Green Gables kids (except for wethers or goats sold specifically for non-breeding) are sold with an application for registration with MDGA (Miniature Dairy Goat Association). All kids can also be registered with TMGR by sending a copy of their MDGA papers to TMGR.

We are currently experiencing difficulty with the form below, so if you are interested in reserving a kid please send me an email with the following information: MiniNubian Dairy Goats

We gladly take reservations on kids prior to kidding free of charge. I cannot guarantee I will have what you are interested in by the end of kidding season - this is why no deposit is required until after kidding. However, a non-refundable deposit of $100 is required to hold a kid once it is born.

Our kids are dam raised and weaned at the age of 10 weeks - no sooner.

​All kids will be disbudded and given coccidiosis prevention & their first CDT shots. No deviations from this standard will be made unless the animal has been paid for in full.

We cannot make any guarantee as to a juvenile animal's physical appearance (i.e. Height, color, conformation) at maturity.

Upon leaving for its new home, all animals will be guaranteed healthy, well socialized and well cared for. We are not responsible for the health of an animal after it has left our farm - as we have no control over its environment (i.e. Stress due to transport, care).

All sales are final, no refunds will be given.

If for any reason in the future it is decided that a goat cannot be kept - please be sure to contact me, I would be more than happy to help in finding it a suitable home.

I reserve the right to retain my choice from any kidding prior to offering he/she/them as available.