DayLily Acres

Kidding Schedule 


Our kidding plans this year will be smaller than usual due to us expecting our own bundle of joy this coming March.

We are hoping to add at least two mini Nubian breedings  for fall kiddings. Please either send us an email or message our fb page if you are interested in any of these pairings. We are also hopeful to start our milk testing this year. Reservations are free but do require a non refundable deposit to hold the kid of your choosing once the kid is born. We may retain any kid of our choosing from any of these pairs before notifying anyone on our waiting list. Please see our sales policy page for more info on our sales and waiting lists.


Tansy X Epazote 

This breeding will bring some excellent milk genes and structure together. Tansy will be a ff. Very excited to see her udder. Blue eyes and polled possible. 

Due 02/27/2020

1 Doeling

3/2/21 *retained*

Jingle X Epazote

Jingle has a beautiful udder and one of my best milkers.

Combine that with Epazote great milk genes. These kids will be packed full of milky goodness. Polled possible.

Due 03/05/2020



Kidded 3/3/2021

Violet X Epazote 

violet has great structure and is built like a tank. She gives a good amount of milk and never disappoints with the great kids she gives. Blue eyes possible.

Due 03/05/2020

Kidded 3/8/21

1buckling *retained*

              Mini Nubians 

Charlie   &

Steve Rogers

repeat breeding. Charlie and Steve gave us beautiful twins(doe/buck)in 2020. We retained the doeling and she is turning out amazing with a great nose and ears for days. All kids will be available for 2021 kidding. Kids will be 6 Gen(purebred)

Kidded 01/20/21

2 bucklings

Nat X Blue

Very excited about this pairing. Tasha will be a FF and this is our first time using Blue. Blue eyes are possible and we are expecting ears for days with these two. Kids will be 7th Gen.

Due 6/6/21

None available