DayLily Acres

Proud home to both registered​ Mini Nubians and registered Nigerian Dwarfs. We make, grow, and raise quality for our family and yours. 

Who We Are

​DayLily Acres takes pride in being ...

 a small family farm. We put love and attention into all of our critters and the products that they help produce. ​​

We started our journey with our little farm back in 2017 with a few chickens and a few turkeys. We now keep a small herd of registered Mini Nubians(MDGA) and​ Nigerian dwarfs(ADGA). On our tiny Lil farm you will see a little flock of chickens, a couple of turkeys, a pair of rescued Pot Belly Pigs, and our beloved foster/rescued dogs. Our goats are tested​ annually​ for CAE, CL, and Johnes. In 2022 we will start our first milk testing and hopefully we will be able to do Linear Appraisal again on our Nigerians. We are hopeful to add a few Mini Nubians to the V Shows in 2022.

We offer handmade all natural and artisan goats milk soap and lotions.

          We are also very passionate about dog rescue and 

rehabilitation, at any given time we have 1-2 fosters in our home either looking for their forever home or getting better so one day they will get their chance. 

The wellbeing and care of our animals will always number one.

Take A Look At what is inside our barn

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